Saturday, 10 August 2013

Shine Shine Car Wash Pavilion

Mere and unfulfilled promises, really a waste of hard earned money

Went to this SHINE SHINE Car Wash at Pavilion last weekend. We were lazy to find a parking ourselves cuz it's a public holiday, for sure it's gonna take an hour or so wan lo..

At first they said it's gonna cost RM170+, then say add this add that add til around RM350 +.
Said they're gonna clean, wax and polish, even those places where normal car wash wouldn't reach.
He asked us how long we'll be back, we said at least 3 hours.
Then he said "Good, it'll give us more time and your car is gonna be much cleaner!"

Really WTF, clean my ass lo.. My table is cleaner

When we came back, there's a huge black oil spot right at the in front of the car below the mirror.
It's a white car dude, how can none of you see it??
Then we went one round, they gotta wipe like more than 5 areas which the dirt is so obvious!

Then fine ! We left and went home.Opened the car boot to get our stuff and again ! Wtf ! They never clean the inside !

RM350 burnt !

Shine Shine car wash PAVILION is just an expensive car wash whose service is worse than roadside RM5 car wash !


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