Saturday, 10 August 2013

Shine Shine Car Wash Pavilion

Mere and unfulfilled promises, really a waste of hard earned money

Went to this SHINE SHINE Car Wash at Pavilion last weekend. We were lazy to find a parking ourselves cuz it's a public holiday, for sure it's gonna take an hour or so wan lo..

At first they said it's gonna cost RM170+, then say add this add that add til around RM350 +.
Said they're gonna clean, wax and polish, even those places where normal car wash wouldn't reach.
He asked us how long we'll be back, we said at least 3 hours.
Then he said "Good, it'll give us more time and your car is gonna be much cleaner!"

Really WTF, clean my ass lo.. My table is cleaner

When we came back, there's a huge black oil spot right at the in front of the car below the mirror.
It's a white car dude, how can none of you see it??
Then we went one round, they gotta wipe like more than 5 areas which the dirt is so obvious!

Then fine ! We left and went home.Opened the car boot to get our stuff and again ! Wtf ! They never clean the inside !

RM350 burnt !

Shine Shine car wash PAVILION is just an expensive car wash whose service is worse than roadside RM5 car wash !


Tuesday, 16 July 2013

Day 3 - Cruise Dinner

Dinner Cruise
My cruise dinner sucks. The entertainment sucks, the food just bearable. They keep passing the microphone to that particular crowd, hoping to get lots of tips i guess. They keep singing these Hokkien song which i totally cant understand!
Also they had cheap dancer coming to perform almost the same thing over and over. She cant even dance properly..
Can see i really hate it from all the pics i took was ourselves..
Or maybe it's just cuz my travel agent book the bad cruise..

Monday, 15 July 2013

Ho Chi Minh Vietnam Day 2

We ate at this Pho24 today. Not as nice as yesterday's and costs 10,000vnd more. And the beef rice i ordered, not nice at all..
Did our nails and had massage today. Cheap! Manicure + nail coloring at 3usd, if no coloring at 2usd.
Foot massage for an hour is 9usd & full body oil massage at 10usd.
Think you could get this price anywhere.. if they won't give it to you, leave.. there are plenty of choices
Dinner at Ton That Thiep later today.
Went to the top floor for this 3T Vietnam Barbeque restaurant. Nice environment nice food! Do visit if time allows..
Been wanting to drink Sarsi since day 1. I thought they had a different spelling for it here, "Sa Xi" or whatever. Ordered it, regretted it, worst drink i had, never again.
Also, today i realized that i need to google for "how to get rid of bubbles".....

War Museum Vietnam

So we went to the War Museum today. It's around Nguyen Dinh Chieu.
Worth a visit! Lots of interesting history to learn..
And I'm serious, interesting history, also scary and teaches us not to do anything like this! Forever!
It tells us what they used to torture the Vietnamese during war, the things and ways they torture them. Extremely horrifying!
Also, i got a new ride :)
In fact, we all did! Haha
Its around RM2+ for entrance. I'm not sure if it's cuz of a Sunday, at 12pm they told us they're closing and chasing us out...
But definitely shoud visit!

Day 3 - Cu Chi Tunnel Vietnam

Cu Chi Tunnel
Around 1 1/2 hours from Saigon. It's a place where you'll see how Cu Chi town people live and what they've been through during war.
You'll get to see the traps they set for the enemy and how and where they lead their lives. The tunnel is merely 3 feet high or so.. and then experience how they walk through the tunnel
The inside of the tunnel is clean and dry. Could wear shorts to go if you're not clumsy.
There's also a shooting range. They have AK14, M60, M16 and others.. price ranging from 30k-40k per bullet.
I forgot how much is the entrance but its not much and worth it.